Are you interested in commissioning a portrait of your automobile, pet or family member? Please email me to inquire about a commission.

I will require as many photos as possible, the more, the better, and photos of decent clarity is important as well. Please email jpeg images to: and specify the purpose of the gift (a personal/private gift, a corporate gift, a memorial tribute). If you already have dimensions in mind (ex: 12” x 16”), please include these in your email. I will send you a quote.

I use acrylic, oil pastels, pencil or gouache for most of my work, not in combination, just depending on the size of the finished piece and whichever medium would be best suited to the theme and subject matter. Please allow a minimum of six weeks for me to complete a commission as I usually have many projects on the go. Times may vary depending on how many projects I am working on. Once we have agreed on the dimensions and price of the commission as specified in the artist-client contract, the artist requests a payment of 50% of the total cost to be paid up front. This payment is proof of the contract between the artist and the client. The client will pay the balance of the total cost once the commission is completed and a jpg of it has been sent to the client.

Cost for a commission will start at $500 and may vary depending on the size and other factors such as complicated and/or intricate backgrounds, number of subjects in the image. Payment of the balance must be made to the artist before the portrait is delivered to the client. All payments are made through PayPal or Interac money transfer via email. Prices may vary according to how many subjects/people are in the portrait and the finished size. I will retain the reproduction rights on all original artwork, unless otherwise negotiated and mutually agreed upon by both parties. Written permission must be obtained from the artist for any reproduction of the artist’s work.

The client holds the copyright on the reference photos they provide to the artist. Shipping can be arranged by myself via Canada Post or FedEx depending on the size of the artwork. The artwork will be packaged and protected carefully by myself. The client must pay for any additional or unforeseen shipping charges.