Camaro on Canvas - 8x10 (Update)

Blocked in a bit of the background trees. This is the rough stage for blocking in value and tone. Hopefully it will come together eventually.


Camaro on Canvas - 8x10

Another scene from Autofest last August. This one will depict a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS with an El Camino in the background.


Doug Gilmour Autographed Painting

I am fortunate to have had Doug sign my painting and a few prints at the Toronto Sports Expo on September 22, 2018. Everything comes with a certificate of authenticity and a seal.


Cuda Update

Chipping away at it. The details will hopefully bring it to life.


10 x 8 Acrylic (Update)

Almost have the background complete. On a piece this size, less is more.


10x8 Acrylic on Canvas

Just began another small acrylic. We'll see how it turns out and if I like it I'd like to do a series of these based on my own shots. I took the picture at Autofest this year that this painting will be based on.


Another Signed Artwork

Another signed piece, a gouache painting (30x20) created in 2003 to commemorate Paul Tracy's Champ Car championship that year in his Players-Forsythe Lola B2/00.


Signed Artwork

An old piece that I created back when Paul Tracy was still relevant. A colored pencil rendering of him and his Penske PC-22 in which he won the 1993 Toronto Molson Indy, created in 1996. The second piece is a gouache painting (30x20) created in 2003 to commemorate his Indycar championship that year in his Players-Forsythe Lola B2/00.


8x10 Landscape (Update)

Further progress. Trying to get the right balance of hard and soft edges to create a convincing portrayal. May need to get further along before passing judgement. Trying to create convincing earthy tones without looking too saturated as well.


8x10 Landscape Study

Another acrylic on canvas, this time a study of Zion National Park in Utah. I've been wanting to try a southwest landscape for some time, with the rugged landscape and earthy tones allowing for interesting compositions and light/shadow interaction. Just got the mid-tones blocked in, hoping that this will begin to focus as I add detail.


Forest Light Study (Complete)

Completed this small landscape study with some detailed work, and adding more contrast to accentuate the light.


FOREST LIGHT (Further Progress)

I've managed to create the mid-tones  and dry-brushed them between the darks and lights that were blocked in on the first post to achieve a nice soft effect and unify the scene. Blocked in the trees with a mix of Burnt Umber, Payne's Grey and Ultramarine Blue.


High Realism Still Life Project (Update)

Further progress. The wash technique is working well to create the subtle translucency needed to replicate a clear bottle. Some dry brushing along the edges of the blue bottles edge behind the clear bottle helps to add the subtlety required in achieving the right balance of hard and soft edges.